2021-2022 MAS Quran Institute- Bridgeview Registration

Please fill in the information below and we will contact you to get more details and answer questions in shaa Allah.

9210 S. Oketo Ave. Bridgeview, IL 60455
(Ages 7+ )
For more information call 708-888-7072

Child information

Please be thorough and specific about your child. Failure to do that will give MQI the right to expel the student and keep all the fees. Students will be accepted on probation for six weeks before they are officially accepted. Throughout the six-week period, students will be supervised and evaluated.
Health information is a very important. Please be sure to inform the teacher and the office staff of any specific health needs or information about your child. Enclose any relevant medical papers with this form to keep in the child’s folder. MQI is not responsible for any medical problem that we were not informed about and was not confirmed in writing.

Parents information

Emergency Contacts

Please list names and phone numbers of three people other than the parents to be contacted in case of an emergency.  The emergency contacts will be contacted in a case where the parents cannot be reached or when the parents do not show up to take the child home on time.  The emergency contacts are allowed to take the students with them in case the parents cannot be reached.   

Please keep this information up-to- date with the teachers and the office staff. If any day for any reason you or your emergency contacts are unable to pick up your child, please let the teachers and the office staff know in writing the date and the name of the person who is taking the child home that day. The school staff has the right to ask the emergency person for a personal ID and make a copy of it.

Please initial that you have read, understood, and agreed to each of the following rules:
1. Payment for monthly tuition should be received within the first five calendar days of the month on days MQI has allotted for payment.
2. Registration fees are non-refundable even if for any reason the child is unable to complete the year in the program.
3. Any parent who does not remit payment as per the set schedule will be called and sent a formal letter. If payment is not received immediately thereafter, the child will be removed from the program.
4. Registration fees and book fees are required prior to the beginning of the school year. Students cannot begin attending classes unless these fees are paid.
5. All fees are non-transferable.
I authorize MQI staff to provide my child with any Emergency Medical Care, including transferring him/her to nearby emergency facility, when I cannot be reached. I will be responsible for the medical charges.
I authorize MQI staff to take my child to the Mosque for prayer or lectures.
I authorize MQI staff to photograph or videotape my child in any school activities and to use photographs and videos in-school presentations and other activities. If you do not want your child to be photographed, please share that with your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year.
I acknowledge that I have read and I agree to follow the registration rules and regulations.

I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the tuition rules and regulations for 2021-2022 school year. I also acknowledge that I read and agree to pay the tuition on time.

I agree to pick up my child on time and to pay $10 for any time I pick up my child after the allotted time.

Almost done, where should we send the confirmation?

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